Keynote: Assessing Resiliency and Strengths Based Education

Dr. Wayne Hammond explores a positive, holistic view on student development and how ‘Strengths-Based’ educational practices and policies can create a coordinated sequence of positive experiences that will enhance student resilience.

Dr. Hammond is the president and executive director with Resiliency Initiatives by Meritcore in Calgary, Alberta and holds an adjunct status with the School of Medicine at the University of Calgary. Over the past twenty years, he has primarily worked with high-risk youth and their families with a focus on substance abuse and violence issues, as well as other related mental health concerns.  He has published several scientific articles and has been an active lecturer with regards to various mental health concerns and the implications of strength-based practice related to working with complex youth and their families in community, educational and First Nations settings.

Understanding the data; Responding to the unique story of your students

A common question after administering the Resiliency Survey in schools is “What Next?”

After having administered the R:ADS survey in your District, Resiliency Initiatives can provide instructional sessions on how to interpret this data in the form of full-day ‘in person’ workshops, live ‘Webinar’ sessions, or through pre-recorded Webinars and other support documents. Sessions can be provided to District Leadership at an ‘Aggregated level’ or to specific school Leader and Teachers.  Please contact for rates.


 Engaging Vulnerable students

One of the most powerful and exciting features of the R:ADS is the ability to identify students that are most vulnerable and require ‘Specialized’ and ‘Targeted’ Engagement.  Resiliency Initiatives provides training on how to identify these students, and how to engage them in a purposeful ‘Strengths-Based Intervention Plan’.  Our workshops and supporting resources provide a step-by-step facilitated process to engage the students’ strengths, build support systems, and increase capacity.


Strengths-Based Parenting Workshops

Integral to the establishment of a Strengths-Based School Culture is getting parents aligned with this framework.

The SBParenting website and Application provides parents with the ability to measure their children’s’ resiliency, the tools to build these strengths, and access to resources and strategies, and parent networks.  Schools are provided with access to publications, resources, school newsletter content, videos and much more to support this work in the homes.