Why assess Resiliency in school?

Dr. Wayne Hammond presents some of the rationale for assessing resiliency; hearing the story of our students and enhancing strengths is the basis for the creation of the essential Core Character Traits.


Resiliency: Assessing Developmental Strengths (R:ADS)

The 31 Developmental Strengths Framework provides a holistic view of the students’ perception of their situation; themselves, their relationships and the institutions in their lives.  Students are given the opportunity to tell their story in a unique way; sharing their perception of existing Internal (I AM) and External (I HAVE) capacities and areas of vulnerability.  These results can be examined at an Aggregated ‘School District’ level, right down to Individual Scoring Profiles.  The framework is capable of identifying themes and trends within the District, School or Classroom; students can be categorized into ‘Strength Range Groupings’ allowing Administrators and Counselors to quickly identify specific students in each strength range.

Resiliency Initiatives uses the survey to assess and evaluate the effectiveness of schools and classroom methods and capacity for growth. Each questionnaire will have approximately 80 questions and is administered online.  Once all of the participants’ information has been analyzed, a comprehensive ‘School Resiliency Report’ (see downloads to view a sample) can be produced to show key areas of growth, strength and vulnerability.

The R:ADS Questionnaire is a tool that allows school districts to clearly tell their story and discover their strengths in a way they never have been able to before. In collaboration with the school District, the R:ADS Questionnaire is customized to meet specific needs.

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Core Competencies of Character

The Core Competencies Framework is an extension of the Resiliency Protective Factors. These 10 core competencies are key character traits of positive development; the foundational attitudes, skills and knowledge that are directly related to enhanced social capacity, well-being and success.  The Core Competencies of Character (CCC) assessment is used to better understand how shifts in pedagogical practices and school culture impact the character outcomes of students.  To learn more, download the Whitepaper “Core Character Competencies and Positive Youth Development” in the Downloads section.

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