Through our consultationpresenting, research and assessment methods, we engage individuals and organizations to develop a strengths-based culture of practice where capacity is identified and nurtured toward positive change.


Professional Development

Whether in agency, workplace, home or community settings, our experienced facilitators will work with your group in exploring the role of resilience and developing strengths-based approaches to work and life. We have found that organizational cultures truly thrive when there is a common commitment to strengths-based practice at an individual and organizational level.

Keynote & Breakout sessions

Our professionals offer keynote and breakout sessions to provide insight into the why and how of bringing a strengths-based perspective to your work and personal life. We have a proven track record in creating excitement and practical insight that begins a journey of embracing “what is strong” as opposed to “what is wrong”.


Whether in person or by webinar, we can provide training on our assessment tools and web based data site navigation so that you can take full advantage of the power and flexibility of our assessment protocols and reporting options.

Assessment and Evaluation

Our Resiliency tools and reporting options are utilized in a vast number of settings. They empower individuals and groups to engage in and better understand what is meaningful to those with whom they work and the strengths that can be built upon as a starting point for navigating life’s journey. The reporting options can be adapted and utilized in unique ways that allow for assessing and enhancing program development and effective practice.

Interpretive Guides

The guides can assist you in understanding individual and group results and offers exploratory questions, strategies and resources to help guide and support your work. We can develop an interpretive guide unique to your program.


Resiliency Initiatives has developed a number of Evaluation Models.  Click here to read more.


We can provide on going support to help facilitate in training of new staff or to provide evaluation of year-over-year change in the reporting results of your group or community. For service providers, we can also be involved in assisting with logic model development and alignment of evaluation protocol with your outcome and reporting requirements.


Resiliency Initiatives’ methods and tools are grounded in research and are based upon an understanding and pursuit of best-practices. For more information, please visit the Resources page or contact us.