We take a customized strengths-based approach to every training model. Whether you are a small community based agency interested in starting off on the right foot or a major corporation ready to sharpen the tools that you are already using successfully, we are able to design a unique plan to help you and your organization get to the next level.


Resiliency Initiatives offers several keynote presentations and seminar packages that are useful for educating large groups at once about the strengths-based approach and the importance of evaluation in all sectors. For the past decade, Dr. Hammond has traveled across north America as an authority on both the resiliency model and the strengths based practice.  Working across sectors, within Government, Education, The corporate world and Not for Profit sector, Wayne has a very well rounded and relevant approach to developing strengths-based culture.


  • Resiliency: A paradigm shift from ‘At Risk’ to ‘At Potential
  • Strengths-Based Youth Mentoring: Doing small things in great ways
  • Embracing a Strengths-Based Perspective and Practice in Education
  • The Chicken and the Eagle: Understanding Resiliency (Grades 1-6)

* Please note that while this is a list of current Keynotes, Resiliency Initiatives is always willing to respond to the unique needs of each client.


Thriving Families: Parenting Workshop

This two-hour workshop introduces families to the concepts behind resiliency, embracing risk in healthy ways, and raising kids of character.

R:ADS – Administering & Interpreting the Resiliency Initiatives Assessment Questionnaire

This training includes introduction to Resiliency and Strengths-Based practice and how it informs you to engage and introduce the Resiliency Questionnaire as well as understanding scoring and base level of results.

Assessing-Resiliency.com Website training

This training will provide end users with ability to successfully begin the process of using the Resiliency Questionnaire and equip them with base knowledge to both run and read reports.

Train the Trainer

All of the training included in the “Administering & Interpreting the Resiliency Assessment Questionnaire” workshop along with the addition of two follow up sessions that will take participants deeper into the Resiliency Questionaire, the interpretation of the results and how to use that information effectively within your organization.

Following this course, participants will be equipped to train new staff, will have developed effective trouble shooting skills when working with the Resiliency Questionnaire, and will have gained more practical knowledge in using a Strengths-Based approach as it pertains to the assessment tools and the interpretation of the results.

Advanced Customized Training

The advanced training is focused on supervisor management of data and how relates to Agency specific reporting requirements.

This is a one day training session is held in person and will cover:

  • Service Planning & Logic Models
  • Specific issues with the client and assessment/reporting
  • Strength Based Organizational Training & Workshops